Governance of Migration and Diversity - (legal) LL.M
(specialisation of the Master’s in Law - European Law)

Contemporary societies are increasingly diverse and multicultural because of global migration and asylum. This raises important legal questions on how to address the challenges posed by migration and diversity and to maximize the chances for the benefit of all. To do so successfully, this master’ programme offers a unique multi-disciplinary component, to understand the law in its broader - political, societal and historical - context.

This master’s programme will provide you with advanced knowledge of the legal aspects of migration, asylum, non-discrimination, immigrant ‘integration’, and diversity. It offers you insights from different academic disciplines at Leiden University, Delft University, and Erasmus University Rotterdam. Along with your legal classes, you will attend courses at all three universities and will gain expertise on governing migration and diversity from the perspectives of, for example, history, sociology, and political sciences.

Why choose this master’s programme? 

  • You can obtain a legal degree at master level (LL.M) and study the governance of migration and diversity from a wider perspective at the same time.

  • You will gain in-depth knowledge of the legal framework regulating migration, asylum, and non-discrimination at international and European level.

  • You will follow courses offered by leading experts from three universities in five academic disciplines (law, history, sociology, political sciences, and development studies).

Career perspectives

Graduates, depending on their bachelor qualification, will be obtaining civil effect in the Netherlands and will be able to access the Dutch bar. You could also think of positions in: 

  • Business organisations (e.g. HR, consultancy);

  • Governmental organisations (policymakers, policy advisors, lobbyists);

  • Organisations in civil society (e.g. unions, political parties, research institutes) on a local, national or international level.

Jorrit Rijpma

Today’s diverse and globalised society requires lawyers that can think beyond the boundaries of national legal systems, and often even beyond the boundaries of the law.


Overview courses

Semester I 

Governance of Migration and Diversity (5 EC)
History of Migration and Diversity (5 EC)
Sociology of Migration and Diversity (5 EC)
Politics of Migration and Diversity (5 EC)
Protection of Human Rights (5 EC)
International and European non-discrimination law (5 EC) 

Semester I 

Migration and Development (5 EC)
International and European non-discrimination law: Academic Writing (5 EC)
International and European Migration and Asylum Law (5 EC)
International and European Migration and Asylum Law: Moot Court (5 EC)
Thesis (10 EC) 


Master of Laws




Leiden, Den Haag, Rotterdam




1 year 

Mode of study: